Friday, October 16, 2015

Baby It's Cold Outside...and Inside Too!

As the UK dives into one of it's two seasons....oh you didn't know we only have two? There is the season known as Cold, and the season known as Not-Quite-As-Cold-With-Occasional-Sunny-Periods. We are currently moving into Cold.

So, as I was saying before being so rudely interrupted, as the UK dives into the Cold, I am feeling every tingly, breezy, chilly bit. And we are still having tops of 12 during the day! At night it is dropping closer to zero, you can see your breath as you struggle to the Tube and of course when you get on the Tube you boil as you have so many layers on to battle the Cold.

Post weight loss surgery you will feel colder, your body is not getting as many calories, and you are burning your stores of body fat. Sadly, we are unable to hibernate like bears as we need to earn livings (and even I can't sleep that much!)

So now it is time for layers. Not too many that you look like the Michelin Man walking down the street, but not so few that we get chill burns either. The bright side is we get to accessorise with all the gorgeous hats, scarves and gloves that start to flood the market now. I am loving the cape coats that are popular this year, as they leave my arms free to bash unsuspecting commuters out of my way whilst keeping my core nice and warm.

I have a stash of reusable hand warmers for my pockets for when things get really nasty - I mean, it MIGHT snow again this year!

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