Thursday, October 15, 2015

Guest Post from the Hussyband

When my wife first mentioned that she wanted this surgery I was shocked. My initial reaction was to say there is no way you are having major surgery to fix this. Like most people I had this idea that it was the easy way out, and comparing it to smokers saying they want to quit but not totally committed.

I remember trying to use logic to argue against it. "You are going to have surgery to stop you eating and drinking, so why can't you just do that without the surgery?"

My eureka moment was when discussing with my counsellor. She challenged me by saying what is the difference between taking medication and having an operation. There are many methods of treatment and the only thing that matters is that it works for that person. What works for one person may not be suitable for another.

Once I had my change of mind I was determined to support Elisa 100%. I made sure to look at the different options and understand why this one was the right one for her. I also looked around some of the forums to find advice for me to help support her for her journey. I found there wasn't a lot of support for me because most people seem to take this journey alone.

When it came to the day of the operation, I left work early to get home to take her to the hospital. I tried to stay calm to help her as she was already starting to get nervous.

We got to the hospital in plenty of time and Elisa was settled into her own room. Once all the paperwork was completed and the anithatist arrived, Elisa was taken down to the operation room and I went to the pub next door for dinner and the wait.

When I got back to the hospital she was just coming back to the ward and although in discomfort and very groggy she seemed fine, so I helped her settle as best as I could and headed home.

I got into the hospital the next day and Elisa was up (she hadn't much sleep as she had to keep walking around to help the gas disperse) and apart from a failed attempt at taking blood and a mixup with the cab Elisa was discharged without too much hassle.

Once home I did the best I could to make her comfortable and l had taken most of the week after surgery off so I think that helped. I was conscious of letting her do as much as possible so she would be able to cope once I went back to work.

The second week went by without any major issues and by the third she was heading into Central London to start a new job! We celebrated her birthday and our 8th wedding anniversary by going to the theatre and I gave her a necklace that I think she likes - no fancy restaurants this year, so I had to think of something different!

I am so proud of all the hard work and the pain that my wife has been through and will try and support her on her journey.


Note from Elisa: I love my necklace and my husband. Not necessarily in that order!

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  1. What a man Both of you are on this journey to a smaller ass, keep up the good work.