Monday, October 5, 2015

Back to the Grindstone

I have been lucky, as a freelancer I was able to take time off not only post-op, but pre-op as well, so it made my 2 week liquid diet a bit easier to bear (no biscuits, rounds of tea, trips to the pub, stinky get the idea).

Today I started a new contract in Central London working on a large bid for a consortium of companies. I was dreading taking the Tube into town, it is notoriously busy, crowded, full of cranky bastards who care for no one else's comfort bar their own.

In anticipation I had a chat with my lovely local station guards, and they gave me a "Baby On Board" badge, I had asked for a "I have just had major surgery so give me a seat you bastard" but they don't exist (yet! A niche market though.)

I got into town OK, coming home tonight I had to stand for about 10 minutes as the train was heaving with people and their noxious body odours, thankfully I had to stand near a door, but you try holding yourself and your breath for 5 mins!

Work was good, Nice people, and I have told them what I have done, so they are really helpful with things like lifting heavy objects, plugging in power cords at floor level and making sure I left a meeting to get my food as per schedule.

Knackered now....wonder if I can get the Hussyband to cook for himself tonight?


  1. Loving this blog your sense of humour is wicked

  2. I am with Christine as you well know! I adore your blog and anxiously look forward to the next installment. xxxooo