Sunday, February 28, 2016

30 Second Poached Eggs

Yes, you read that right. Poached eggs in 30 seconds. No swirling, no vinegar, and no waiting!

After gastric sleeve surgery, we eat such small amounts, and they need to be protein rich, low fat, tasty, perfect bites. Eggs tick all of those boxes. One large poached or hard boiled egg gives 6 grams of protein, 5 grams of iron, and is only about 70 calories.

When I was first post-op, runny scrambled eggs were the go. Over the months, I have switched to hard boiled and poached as an easy meal - especially after a session at the gym.

Poaching eggs in the microwave is so easy. I use a small ramekin, you could also use a mug.

Fill the ramekin half full with cold water (if using a mug, go for about a third of the height of the mug in water). Carefully crack an egg in and microwave for 30 seconds (in a ramekin, about 45-60 seconds in the mug). Use a spoon and place the egg on a piece of kitchen paper to drain and you are done. You may need a little bit of trial and error depending on the strength of your microwave (mine is 900 watts).

Simples. So simple, even the Hussyband could make it (if he was out of bed before lunchtime on a weekend)!

This morning I had mine with two slices of smoked salmon (91 calories and 12 grams of protein), the yolk oozed out unctuously, you could add some toasted sourdough, and/or blanched asparagus to this to make it a larger meal. Or if you are up for the ultimate indulgence, turn it into an eggs benedict with the addition of hollandaise sauce and a muffin (but no carbs for me please!)

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Facts and Figures - 5 Months Surgiversary

It has been a crazy two months since Christmas. Freelance work dried up as expected in January/February - and I have made the decision to go back into full-time work (I hate interviewing!) We are moving house in four weeks to Twyford (between Reading and Maidenhead, UK) so I have been house hunting for us, house hunting for my mother in law who is going to move into a much smaller place in West London, and helping her get this house on the market.

Oh, and I joined the gym. I made the painful decision not to go back to my beloved PT, as the gym he has moved to doesn't have a pool, and is (to be honest) kind of grotty. So I rejoined Virgin Active and been alternating between a few of their branches, concentrating on Booty Barre (a mix of ballet, pilates and yoga), swimming, aquaerobics and the gym floor where my program is mainly consisting of me not looking like a fool (rowing, treadmill, kettlebells, TRX and upper body weights).

I spent most of January stalled. Not a little stall. A big stall. The needle did not move on the scales from the second week of January until last weekend. I was seeing a difference in clothes, yay. But nothing on the evil machine. Yes yes, stalls are normal. But dammit, I am still allowed to hate them. I adjusted my calorie intake up an extra 100-200 calories and things seem to be moving again.

I am meeting my liquid targets of 2-3 litres of water a day. Some days are easier than others. Why was it so easy to drink a bottle of wine with dinner six months ago, but getting in 750 ml of water before lunch such a struggle?!?!?!?

Energy levels are good - if I do a double session at the gym I tend to crash early (or have an afternoon nap - oh the joys of the under-employed).

So the stats. This week was  five months since surgery, I had hoped to have lost more by now, but according to NOSC I am still ahead of the curve, and everyone loses at a different speed (yeah yeah - so sick of hearing that one, it is on par with "sip sip sip"). Hopefully, once we move and I go back to cooking everything from scratch again I will see more consistent results.

Height: 5'10" (nope, still haven't gotten any shorter)
Weight: 118.4 kg/261 lbs (a loss so far of 28.3 kg/62.4 lbs) 

Measurements: A total of 86 cms so far. The most noticeable being 28 cms off my hips. My boobs have shrunk (sob) but it hasn't been too bad, the majority of the shrinkage has been across my back, and I have gone from a 38DD to a 36C. The plus side of going to a C-cup means I can buy cheap bras from Primark for the first time ever! And they still have a great shape (my boobs that is). I am finding that whilst I am not losing a lot of cms on my arms, the skin is a LOT looser - future plastic surgery there I predict!

Foods I have loved this month: Prawns (that won't change - the ultimate post-gym lunch), Whipped Philadelphia Cream Cheese with Garlic and Chives, Burrata with roasted pumpkin, confit egg yolk and pine nuts (Charlottes W5), fresh mint tea (my go-to for getting in ridiculous amounts of water), Potted Mackeral (Hare and Hounds), and Microwave Poached Eggs - perfect eggy goodness in 90 seconds.

The joy of moving - I will be creating recipes again this time next month. I miss cooking. Almost as much as I miss being able to run around the house naked! Almost.