Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Facts and Figures - 12 Week Stats

Seasons Greetings Festive People!

What a crazy year it has been....contracts all over the country, singing on stage, this surgery, and another year with my beloved, all gone by in the blink of an eye.

The last few weeks have included closing two bids, a week in Cornwall with a friend from Oz and her squidget, a week soaking up the sun in St Lucia (god I needed some sun this year!) and now Xmas is upon us, and we are readying for a week in Scotland in a secluded cottage, just the two of us,

Food consumption has been good, getting most of my liquid targets, and whilst I haven't started at the gym yet, I have been walking a lot (usually lugging a heavy backpack!)

So onto the nitty gritty...

Height: 5'10" (this really will never change!)
Weight: 125.1kg/275lbs (a loss so far of 21.6kg/47.6lbs) - I got a bit excited earlier this week thinking I had hit the 50lbs mark, but I just can't count!

Stats: A total of 69.5cm lost since surgery. 

15-Sep-15 01-Nov-15 19-Dec-15
Arm Left 46 44 42.5
Arm Right 44 44 42
Calf Left 56 55 54
Calf Right 57 54 52
Thigh Left 89 84 80
Thigh Right 86 80 77
Bust 116 112 108
Natural Waist 109 105 102
Hips 160 148 136

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