Thursday, September 10, 2015

Last Supper(s)

Last Friday, I started my pre-op diet. I ended up deciding to go the meal replacement options as it would remove the temptation of snacking and start getting my head into the place of not having just a little bit of something.

The nutritionist had originally recommended Slimfast, but I found that they only did sweet shakes, no savory options. So after clearing it with the doctor I started using Lighter Life replacements - a combination of shakes, soups, bars and noodle pots (they also have pasta options, but I know from previous experience that they just made me gag!)

There is a thing, that people who are about to start a radical diet tend to have last suppers of fabulous food. In the three weeks prior to starting pre-op, I had a lot of last suppers. Dinners, cocktails, lunches, high teas, more name it I went nuts!*1

Now I don't know if this made starting the pre-op easier or harder as now I just think..."Damn, I forgot to have schnitzel" or "fuck, wish I had had another bottle of champagne". But it was fun, and for me food has always been about the people I am sharing it with; the sounds, smells, laughter and memories we created together.

Now, in the past, I would have blogged these meals, with pictures, but I don't need to do that here as I have my Instagram memories. I will, however, give you some highlights as I am a little bit of a masochist, and the chance to relive some great nights is too tempting to ignore.


  • Le Boudin Blanc in London: foie gras, amazing fish, delightful desserts and wine that was the nectar of the gods, all enjoyed with my beloved husband a few days after I booked the surgery
  • A good  BBQ in my back garden with friends: there was tuna, steak, wine, homemade ice cream and Cards Against Humanity hands that had us shrieking
  • A simple curry in a friends garden playing with their daughter and wondering where the hours had gone (and more Cards Against Humanity)
  • Taking the Hussyband for his first "proper" high tea - not for the tea as the food was nice, but waaaay overpriced, but for the look on his face that required a vast amount of cocktails elsewhere to remove later in the evening
  • Peruvian feast at Andina in Shoreditch with Kelly - the scallop ceviche is still bringing tingles when I think about it....followed by more cocktails...on a Monday no less!
  • Al Boccon di Vino - an Italian restaurant in Richmond that has no menu, you get an Italian feast for a very reasonable price with amazing service (with my wonderful cousin Leanne and her squeeze Gorm)
  • A weekend in Liverpool with my niece, showing her around eating felafels and not too much booze as I was doped up on antibiotics
  • Vietnamese in Soho with Anna and Chris followed by shenanigans in Compton's.
Now all of this fun and laughter was leaving me exhausted, but there was one night left to come. I had been on the wait list for Dinner en Blanc for 3 or 4 years, it has been a while since it was held in London. The day after I decided to book my surgery the invite came out, so I planned my surgery date to be 2 weeks after the dinner.

The food was ok, the wine was ok...but the company was fantastic as was the atmosphere. Everywhere you looked a sea of white, the tables, decorations, the assembled cast of party goers. 

In color psychology white is the color of new beginnings, wiping the slate clean, so to speak. It is the blank canvas waiting to be written upon. While white isn't stimulating to the senses, it opens the way for the creation of anything the mind can conceive.

An auspicious way for me to start this new journey don't you think?

Note 1: I do not recommend last suppers, but lets face it, we all do it in some last drink, one last is hard to draw that final line in the sand!

Note 2: The Fat Nutritionist has written a fabulous post on "The Last Supper Syndrome" - you should check it out!

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